DISCLAIMER: Consider this web site a giant temporary placeholder filled with content until I find the time to do a proper WordPress-site!

I’ve been a fan of video games ever since I was a kid. In my teens I discovered the joy of music – and not just listening, but owning a physical copy of your favorite album and sitting curled up in a corner and reading the liner notes and lyrics with great admiration of the work that was put into everything.

As a kid of the 90’s those liner notes were in CD and printed with text for ants. Recent years I’ve been getting more and more into vinyl records to the point where I dedicate a whole lot of time into researching new releases and discussing the format with friends and online.

And to make things better – I discovered the growing trend of releasing video game soundtracks on vinyl, which is something I am a big fan of! Therefore I decided to make and dedicate this site entirely to this niche that appeals to both my inner gamer and my inner music fan and collector. I hope you will find it informative and enjoy its content as much as I enjoy making it.